6 Month Smiles

6 Month Smiles represents a new age in fixed brace treatment! Usually, fixed braces take at least 12 months to straighten the teeth but as you may expect from the name of the treatment, this takes just 6 months to create a beautifully straight smile.

About 6 Month Smiles

6 Month Smiles is a fixed brace system, which was developed in America. The aim of the treatment is to provide patients with minor orthodontic issues with a treatment, which promises great results and works quickly.

After taking America by storm, 6 Month Smiles has since enjoyed great success all over the world, from Toronto to Delhi and Edinburgh to Auckland and thousands of people have benefited from this fast-acting treatment.

How does 6 Month Smiles work so fast?

In most cases, orthodontic treatment takes at least one year and sometimes much longer, so how does 6 Month Smiles work so fast? The answer is that the 6 Month Smile system focuses on the front teeth. The treatment targets the ‘social 6’ to ensure the best aesthetics when you smile. This treatment was developed with patients who have minor issues that plague their front teeth in mind and it is not recommended for patients with more complex issues, as it can only achieve a limited amount of movement.

What are the benefits of 6 Month Smiles?

The major benefit of 6 Month Smiles is the treatment time; this system works much faster than most other teeth straightening methods and patients can enjoy the results in just six months. 6 Month Smiles is also beneficial for those looking for a discreet treatment, as the braces are small and fine and they are made from clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires.

6 Month Smiles braces are also light and comfortable and they do not need to be adjusted or tightened, which enhances comfort and reduces pain.

The treatment process for 6 Month Smiles is also very simple; once the braces fitted, you will be advised to arrange a couple of appointments with your orthodontist to check the progress of your treatment and that’s it! You don’t have to worry about wearing your brace for a certain period of time every day or remembering where you put your brace when you took it out to clean your teeth; you just simply wear the brace for 6 months and then your treatment will be complete and your teeth will be lovely and straight.

Another benefit of 6 Month Smiles is that patients with minor issues do not have to undergo intensive treatment that they do not require; the teeth are moved gently using the latest technology to reduce discomfort and the braces concentrate on the front teeth only.

Who can benefit from 6 Month Smiles?

Although 6 Month Smiles is not suitable for everyone, it is an ideal choice for patients who possess modest orthodontic troubles. Examples of issues that can be corrected using 6 Month Smiles include:

  • mild crowding of the front teeth
  • a small gap between the front teeth
  • slightly crooked front teeth
  • minor issues with the bite

For patients with more complex issues, braces that can generate more movement will usually be recommended.

How much does treatment cost?

The exact cost of treatment depends on the practice you visit, but typically, 6 Month Smiles costs around £2,000-£2,500.

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