Fastbraces was developed to revolutionise the world of Orthodontics and speed up the tooth straightening process. With Fastbraces, treatment times are cut dramatically and patients can look forward to showing off their new smile much sooner.

Fastbraces is a new and innovative fixed brace system, which allows patients who would benefit from conventional braces to enjoy shorter treatment times.

What is Fastbraces?

If you are looking for a fixed brace system, which delivers results quickly, you will undoubtedly be impressed by Fastbraces. The technology speeds up orthodontic treatment without compromising comfort or safety and the system was developed over a 20 year period, resulting a safe and effective treatment, which allows for much faster tooth movement.

Fastbraces technology accelerates the treatment process by moving both sections of the teeth at the same time; usually, the crown section of the tooth is moved first and then the root portion of the tooth is moved. Usually, in a 24 month treatment period, the crowns will be moved during the first 12 months and the roots during the second 12 month period; Fastbraces moves both sections of the teeth at the same time and movement begins from day one, meaning that treatment times are reduced considerably and patients require fewer visits to the dentist.

How does Fastbraces work?

It’s understandable to question how Fastbraces works in half the time of traditional fixed braces and the answer is that this treatment uses specially designed, patented heat-activated wires and triangular brackets to move the teeth very quickly. The shaped bracket and specially designed wires allow the roots of the teeth to be aligned at the same time as the crowns from the very beginning of treatment. The triangular shape of the brackets, as opposed to the square shape of traditional brackets, allows greater flexibility in the wires, which speeds up tooth movement.

How long does treatment take?

Typically, orthodontic treatment takes between 12 and 24 months, but treatment time varies considerably depending on the patient’s orthodontic prescription and the treatment method they choose. With Fastbraces treatment time varies between around 6 months and 12 months, depending on the complexity of the orthodontic issues; in very minor cases, treatment may be complete in just 3 months.

Is Fastbraces safe?

Fastbraces was developed using the latest research over a 20 year period and the treatment has passed rigorous testing.

The treatment is relatively new but demand in Edinburgh is increasing year on year, as many people seek to benefit from quick treatment.

This option is suitable for patients of all ages and you can choose to have Fastbraces Clear, which boasts very discreet ceramic brackets.

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