Wedding Photos - © Rod Irvine
Wedding Photos - © Rod Irvine

Welcome to Teeth Straightening Edinburgh

Unfortunately, many people do not have perfectly straight teeth, but the good news is that there are several teeth straightening treatments out there, which can help to transform crooked, misaligned and crowded teeth into beautiful, straight smiles.

There are various techniques used to straighten and align the teeth, including:

  • fixed braces
  • removable aligners
  • removable orthodontic appliances
  • lingual braces

Teeth straightening techniques have been around for centuries, but in recent years, orthodontic treatment has become incredibly popular, as more and more people look to benefit from the aesthetic benefits of orthodontics, as well as the functional advantages.

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a field of dentistry, which specialises in the positioning and alignment of the teeth and jaws. Dentists who have specialist training in orthodontics are known as orthodontists.

Orthodontics deals with the relationship between the upper and lower teeth, which is known as the bite, the function of the teeth, the position of the jaw and the alignment of the teeth. Examples of orthodontic issues include:

  • crooked teeth
  • underbite (when the lower jaw protrudes further than the upper jaw, which causes the bottom teeth to jet out further than the upper teeth)
  • overbite (when the upper jaw is further forward than the lower jaw, causing he top teeth to jut out over the bottom teeth; it is normal to have slight overbite, but when there is a large difference between the two sets of teeth this can be problematic)
  • crowded teeth
  • spaces between the teeth
  • twisted teeth
  • overjet (when the front teeth protrude)

Why is teeth straightening important?

Teeth straightening is important for many reasons. One major reason more and more people are choosing to have orthodontic treatment is to improve the look of their smile. Problems such as crowding and crooked teeth can negatively impact on the look of the smile and orthodontic treatment improves the aesthetic. This usually also has a positive impact on confidence and wellbeing.

Orthodontic treatment also benefits the function of the mouth. Orthodontic issues can affect speech, as the teeth play a very important role in the formation of sounds, and they can also make oral hygiene difficult, as it can be hard to brush between crooked and twisted teeth. Bacteria and plaque can collect in areas that are not easily accessible with a brush.

Teeth straightening in Edinburgh

As well as amazing historical sights and attractions, a bustling Fringe Festival and great shopping, Edinburgh is also home to our fine dental practice, which offers the latest orthodontic treatments, from fixed braces to invisible braces and innovative removable appliances.

Orthodontics is available for patients of all ages in our Edinburgh clinic. Orthodontists often recommend early intervention for orthodontic problems, as they tend to get worse with time and the results are usually best when treatment begins early, but adult treatment has become very popular and you are never too old to have treatment to improve the look of your smile and the function of your teeth.

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